About Us

D & D Consulting and Management Services is a boutique performance consulting firm providing trusted advice and guidance to credit unions, banks, and their suppliers since 1995. We specialize in payment systems consulting, systems approach and performance consulting, strategic planning, and system migration support. We exist for a single reason: to provide impartial, external expertise so you can focus on your core business.

In the credit union and banking industry, the one constant is change. The economy dips and swells. Institutions establish new directions. Customers demand different products. Technology–the software, hardware, payment systems, settlement systems, and banking and switching systems that keep your business moving forward–is always evolving. You work in a forever changing landscape. The path may be rocky. The playing field isn’t level. And you were supposed to have reached your destination yesterday.

Let D & D Consulting and Management Services help you navigate the rocky road from present to future.

We understand community based financial institutions

D & D Consulting and Management Services is one of the very few Canadian companies to specialize in advising and assisting niche financial institutions with strategic planning and system implementation. Larger consulting companies from traditional banking backgrounds may operate in ways that run counter to a niche financial institution’s community-based and member- or customer-oriented values. D & D Consulting and Management Services understands the decision-making processes and priorities in, specifically in the credit union environment, because our senior consultants have spent much of their careers serving credit unions. Because we understand the unique needs of this market sector–whether you are a small start-up or well-established institution–we always hit the ground running.

We thrive in a multi-organization environment

D & D Consulting and Management Services combines a broad scope of knowledge with detailed understanding of specific technical issues and familiarity with the key parties involved. We easily interface between clients and system providers and are skilled at bringing all parties together to meet seemingly impossible timelines. We encourage healthy working relationships because we understand the needs and interests of all those with a stake in the solution, from financial institutions and suppliers to provincial Centrals and national settlement organizations. Because we are not aligned with any one party, we fill a trusted, external advisor role and are able to support all those involved. Our goals are¬†outcomes that are win-win-win-win…

We love a good challenge

If a situation runs counter to everything that is taught in project management school, D & D Consulting and Management Services is keen to get involved. We see success in adversity and possibility in challenging circumstances. Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from opportunities to help a client implement customized and creative solutions under seemingly unachievable deadlines.

We make things simple

It’s easy to get caught up in the complexity of the changes that occur in the financial services industry. We bring a balanced perspective and clear communication to complicated situations.

We empower our clients

We never want to turn a consulting engagement into a full-time job. Instead, we are committed to sharing our expertise and mentoring the staff who will continue to work with the plans that have been developed or systems that have been implemented. We often work with project managers who are new to their positions, the sector, or the systems involved. Not only are we a reliable, accessible resource for these individuals during the transition, but we transfer our knowledge and skills through coaching and training so that staff can continue without us in the future.

We are skilled in preventative medicine and certified in first aid for technology

D & D Consulting and Management Services can fill all roles in a consulting engagement, from visioning to implementation to troubleshooting. We can help identify new opportunities, rate vendors, develop a business case for a particular system, oversee system installation and changeover, and problem solve any challenges that arise. We always conduct a post-implementation review to ensure your needs were fully met. Whether your organization is embarking on a new wellness regimen or is trying to staunch the bleeding, we can help.

We know the players

The senior consultants at D & D Consulting and Management Services have more than six decades of combined experience in the credit union, software, systems and performance consulting fields. Most suppliers and provincial Centrals have long-standing employees who have performed their duties for decades. We are well known within these circles and have trusted relationships with key people. We always utilize our network to aid in research and supplier management efforts.

We have national reach

D & D Consulting and Management Services has worked with credit unions, federally chartered banks, suppliers and Centrals across the country. We recognize regional differences and bring our experiences in other regions to each assignment.

We are multiple consultants with a single commitment

Each of the senior consultants at D & D Consulting and Management Services has different styles and strengths; the synergy is powerful. Our clients may have one principal involved in their engagement, but ultimately they receive access to and input from our whole team. It’s a many-for-one deal that means you can always get an answer or advice, regardless of who picks up the phone or reads your email.